Monday, September 26, 2011

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Horticulture Report, Sept. 2011

by Connie Grabowy

Following are samples of fall blooming perennials and seed structures Connie presented at today's Garden Club meeting.

Buttonbush cephalotaxus occidentalisTartarian Aster

Eupatorium chocolate

America chestnut castanea dentate

Chinese foxglove rehamania
Chrysanthemum Mary Stoker

Panicle golden raintree koelreuteria paniculataAmerican hop hornbeam virginiana

Buddleia sun gold (Weyer butterfly bush)

Star magnolia

Submitted by Alice Gebura.
Hi. I finally got myself signed up to the HGC blog. It was easy as pie.
Does anyone have any advice for getting rid of voles who are eating my Hostas? I have been salvaging little pieces of root plate and relocating them to Brewster. I would love to get control of the voles here, though. Thanks. Shirley

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gardens in Southern France, June 2011

This summer we traveled to the Dordogne and Lot regions of southern France. Everyone has a garden whether a yard full of flowers and vegetables, containers of flowers set outside, or roses and wisteria climbing over stone walls. There are roses everywhere!

Photos by Alice Gebura copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved.